Antalya to Alanya: Best Things to Do on the Way

Traveling from Antalya to Alanya has some fun options for stops along the way. With views of the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea with ancient cities to explore and delicious food, the route makes a great trip to Alanya.

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Antalya to Alanya Map

antalya to alanya map

About the Route from Antalya to Alanya

The distance from Antalya to Alanya is 133.4km, a little over a 2-hour drive along the Mediterranean coast.  The drive is fairly flat, with several stops to explore ancient cities or shopping along the way.

You’ll take the Antalya coastal road D400. It is a 2-lane road that runs along the sea. You’ll be able to see the sea at times, but due to the many resorts along the road, you’ll mainly have views of the Taurus Mountains.

Also note, that during the high season from June through August, there will be more traffic along the road. You’ll see many tour buses transporting guests to and from resorts along the coast.

antalya to alanya

Antalya to Alanya Travel Essentials

Gas Stations

Many of the newer larger gas stations along the route are updated and touchless. We personally prefer the Petrol and Total gas stations to stop at for bathroom breaks.  When you stop for gas, the station attendants will fill up your tank for you, then you will need to go inside to pay.

Mediterranean Museum Pass

The Museum Pass covers the entrance to museums in all of Turkey for 15 days. You can purchase the Mediterranean Museum Pass which covers access to over 40 museums and archaeological sites in 7 days in the region.  Download the museums of Turkey App to purchase your digital card or purchase the card at one of the historical site entrances.

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Download the Museums of Turkey App
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antalya to alanya things to do on the way

How to Get from Antalya to Alanya

If you arrive at the Antalya airport, you have several options to travel from Antalya to Alanya.

Travel Tip:  In country, you can fly direct into Alanya at the Gazipasa Airport (GZT).

Antalya to Alanya by Car

The drive from Antalya to Alanya is a beautiful drive heading east down the coast towards Mersin. You’ll have views of the Taurus Mountains that serve as a backdrop to the Antalya province in Turkey.  Traveling by car from Antalya to Alanya gives you the freedom to stop and explore some fantastic historical sites along the way.

The closest international airport to Alanya is the Antalya Airport (AYT), located on the east side of Antalya. From the airport, you’ll take the Antalya Yolu via Mersin – D400. Follow the coastal road all the way to Alanya.

You can reserve a rental car online at and pick the car up at the Antalya Airport. Book your car rental in advance of your arrival to Antalya.

If you do decide to drive in Turkey, please be aware that driving can be somewhat stressful. Take your time, be patient and know that horn honking is a normal and regular occurrence.

Looking for an Antalya Hotel?

If you’re spending a few days in Antalya, we recommend The Porto Bellow Hotel & Spa across from Konyaalti Beach on the West side of Antalya.  If you’re looking to stay closer to the city center or Lara, head to the Akra Hotel. Spend the afternoon and evening enjoying cafes, time on the beach or swimming by the cliffs, or heading to the old town Antalya to explore. There are plenty of ancient cities, beaches, and family-friendly activities to enjoy. See more in the Antalya Destination Guide and learn more about the top resorts in Antalya.

Hotels We Suggest in Antalya

Porto Bello Hotel & Spa

Porto Bello Hotel & Spa is a fantastic family-friendly hotel in Antalya right across the street from Konyaalti Beach. You can take a 10-minute tram ride down to the old town to explore or stay close and sit and relax at the pebble beach.

 Akra Hotel

The Akra Hotel sits on the cliffs of Antalya with beautiful views of the Mediterranean. Located close to cafes, restaurants and a short taxi ride into Kale Ici, you’ll be close to the best attractions in Antalya.

Antalya to Alanya by Bus

You can take a bus from Antalya to Alanya and the trip is about 2 hours and 34 minutes. You will travel directly from the Antalya bus station to the Alanya bus station.  The cost is minimal, and we recommend traveling with KamilKoc and MetroTurizm if traveling by bus. We do not recommend this method of transportation if you’re traveling with kids.  A private tour or transfer would be more comfortable and flexible for your family.

Antalya to Alanya by Private Tour

If you don’t want to drive, but you do want the flexibility of stopping along the way to Alanya, you can schedule a private tour. A tour guide and a private driver will take you from Antalya to Alanya. You can take in the views and connect with your family on the way without the stress of driving.  Schedule a private tour through our favorite family-friendly tour operator in Antalya.

Note: If you want to make stops along the way, by law in Turkey, there must be a tour guide with you. You will not be able to hire a driver only.

Antalya to Alanya by Private Transfer

If you want to go directly to Alanya, a private transfer is the best way to go. Your driver will pick you up at the airport and transport you to your hotel in Alanya. We recommend using a local tour operator to schedule your transfer.

fun things to do on the way from antalya to alanya

Fun Things to Do on the Way to Alanya

Taking a road from Antalya to Alanya is a great day trip. There are plenty of things to do in Antalya with kids and along the way as you drive to Alanya.

Read on to get all the details on what to do on your drive:

Antalya Waterfalls

Not far from the Antalya airport are several options of waterfalls to visit before you drive from Antalya to Alanya.  Upper Duden Waterfall and Kurusunlu Waterfall are both about 15 to 20 minutes from the airport. They both have small entrance fees to enter the park.  Another option is the Lower Duden Waterfall which is much bigger and flows off the cliffs into the sea. There is no fee to see the lower falls and you’ll find a large, beautiful park along with cafes and playgrounds and Mediterranean Sea views. The area is a great place to let the kids run and play before driving to Alanya.

perge turkey


Perge is 18km – about a 25 minute drive from Antalya. Perge was founded in 1209 B.C. and was known for its city defense system and city planning. This was our kids’ first ancient site to explore, and it is still one of their favorites that like to return to. You can use your Museum Pass to enter and can plan on spending at least an hour exploring the site.

sillyon turkey


Is an off the beaten path location about 25 minutes from Perge along the D400 route from Antalya.  The Sillyon site is for families who like to hike, and it is challenging. The city is located on top of a plateau so you will be hiking up an incline. I would recommend this hike in the Winter, Spring, and Fall when the weather is cooler. You will need to take your own water up with you. Read more about our family hike to Sillyon. The site is free. Depending on your hiking experience, plan on spending 2 – 3 hours to hike up and back down the plateau.



Heading down the Antalya road D400 another 35 minutes from Perge and you’ll find the ancient city of Aspendos. Aspendos is famous for having the most complete Roman ampitheater in Asian Minor and what a site it is. You can stop to view the theater and if you have time walk back on the trail to see the rest of the city ruins up on the hill behind the theater. Use your Museum Pass to enter and plan on spending at least an hour exploring.

side turkey


After seeing Aspendos, drive 35 minutes down the road to see the ancient city of Side. The ancient site is located within the modern city. You’ll park at the top of the hill and then can walk or trolly down to the city center. Popular sites to see are the Temple of Athena by the Mediterranean Sea, 2nd century amphitheater, and the Side Museum. After viewing the sites, you can stop at one of the local cafes by the water for lunch or Turkish tea.

Looking for a place to eat in Side?

There are many local restaurants and cafes down by the water in Side where you can enjoy views and a quick bite and Turkish tea.  You’ll find many tourists filling these locations. If you’re looking for something with more local flare, we’ve got a great option for you!

Dedem Kasap Cizbiz

While this restaurant may be on your way out of the Side waterfront, we highly recommend the quality and options of the food served here. We recommend any of the kebab options here. You can head up to the glass case and pick what you want, and they’ll prepare it for you.  If you have kids with you, they did have some menu options to choose from.  Our kids chose a hamburger and French Fries.

Arrival in Alanya

When you arrive in Alanya you can head to your hotel to get settled. If you’re only there for the day, you can find a parking area down in the city center by the cable car or by the Alanya harbor. There are many places to explore in Alanya and we would recommend driving to the general area of what you want to see and parking nearby.


What to Do in Alanya

Once you’ve arrived from Antalya to Alanya, it’s time to go exploring.

Alanya Castle

To get the best views of the city and sea, head up to the top of the hill and explore Alanya Castle. The castle was built on ancient Byzantine and Roman ruins and sits 250 meters above the sea on the peninsula with views on all three sides.

Red Tower

Follow the castle wall all the way down to the harbor and you’ll see the red tower. Park down at the harbor, then walk over to the tower. You can pay 1 entrance fee to see the Alanya shipyard and the Red Tower. We were pleasantly surpised by both and would definitely go back to walk through them.

Sebithane Restaurant

Located behind the castle wall between the Red Tower and the Shipyard is Sebithana Restaurant. They’re known for their Turkish breakfast. It’s a small garden restaurant and there is a consistent flow of people coming in all day for the breakfast feast.

fortress wall alanya


Ultimately, the short trip from Antalya to Alanya makes for a great day trip with your family. Explore castles, caves, beaches and the wonderful food Alanya has to offer.  Get all the details for things to do in our Alanya Travel Guide

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Some links on this page are affiliate links—that means that at no extra cost to you, we earn a small commission if you book through these links, and that helps keep this blog running.