Antalya to Kas: Best Route Guide

Getting from Antalya to Kas is one of the most scenic and fantastic drives along the Turkish coast. You’ll have views of the dramatic Tarsus mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea as you wind along the coast with cliffs that drop straight into the water. Along the way, you’ll find fun options to explore ancient ruins, take a swim in the sea and ride cable cars up to the highest mountain in the area for a bird’s eye view. No matter which season you’re visiting the Turkish coast, you’ll find the drive from Antalya to Kas entertaining and breathtaking, kicking off a great trip.

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Antalya to Kas Map

antalya to kas map

About the Route

The distance between Antalya and Kas depends on whether you take the mountain or the scenic coastal route.

Mountain Route

From Antalya, take the mountain route D330/E87 up through Korkuteli, down to Elmali, and into Kas. The road trip is 211km and will take about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Scenic Coastal Route

From Antalya, take the Mediterranean coast route along D400. The route is 183.6km, which will take 3 hours to drive. It is a 2-lane road along the sea that is quite smooth until you get closer to Finike, then the road begins to snake back and forth as you approach to get to Kas. Take your time and enjoy the fantastic scenery.

Either way, you go, you’ll see opportunities to pull off the road to enjoy the view, explore an ancient site or enjoy a Turkish meal along the way. We recommend the D400 scenic route along the coast.

Also note, that the driving times are in optimal weather conditions not during peak traffic. Weekends and the tourist high season will have more traffic on the coastal route.

antalya to kas turkish coastal route

Antalya to Kas Essentials

Gas Stations

If you need to make stops for gas, snacks & drinks, or bathroom breaks on the road, the best places to stop are the larger gas stations. Petrol and Total are our favorite gas stations to stop at because they are clean and have touchless bathrooms set up. If you need gas, the gas attendant will fill up your tank for you. You do not fill it up yourself. 

museums of turkey app logo

Mediterranean Museum Pass

The Museum Pass covers the entrance to museums in all of Turkey for 15 days for 600TL. If you are going to multiple regions this is a great value, as most museum entrance fees range from 10 – 50TL each. If you are only traveling in the Mediterranean region, you can get Mediterranean Museum Pass for 360TL that covers access to over 40 museums and archaeological sites in 7 days.  Download the museums of Turkey App to purchase your digital card or purchase the card on site.

antalya to kas best route guide

How to Get from Antalya to Kas

Assuming that you are arriving in Antalya by plane (AYT), the following are the options to get you to Kas.

Antalya to Kas by Car

The drive from Antalya to Kas is scenic and full of amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Tarsus Mountains, and ancient ruins. Going by car allows you to make stops to explore with your family or even take a quick swim break at one of the beaches by the road. There are typically places you call pull over to park and steps or a trail that you can walk down to the beach.

Please be aware of road conditions and drivers in Turkey. Driving in Turkey can be somewhat stressful, so you need to drive defensively, watch your speed, and take your time. Patience and nerves of steel are needed while driving in Turkey!

The closest international airport to Kas is the Antalya Airport, located on the east side of Antalya. From the airport take Mersin – Antalya Yolu/D400 and you’ll follow this through the city and out to the coastal road. You’ll take road D400 from Antalya to Kas.

You can rent a car directly from the Antalya airport. Book in advance of your arrival in Antalya.

We recommend booking via, so you can select the cheapest rate or whichever company you prefer.

Just Arrived in Antalya and Need a Hotel?

We recommend making your way through Antalya over to Konyaalti Beach on the West side of Antalya.  Spend the afternoon and evening enjoying cafes on the beach or heading to the old town Antalya to explore. You’ll be close to the Mediterranean Coastal Road to head out on your road trip the next day.

Hotels We Suggest Near Konyaalti Beach in Antalya

📍 Porto Bello Hotel & Spa

Porto Bello Hotel & Spa is fantastic family-friendly hotel in Antalya right across the street from Konyaalti Beach. You can take a 10-minute tram ride down to the old town to explore or stay close and sit and relax at the pebble beach. 

📍 Rixos Downtown Antalya

Rixos Downtown Antalya is a five-star hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Antalya mountains. Take the tram to check out the Old Town or head down to the Konyaalti beach. 

📍 Pacco Sea & City Hotel Spa

Pacco Sea & City Hotel Spa small beach hotel with a family-friendly atmosphere and personal service. A great budget-friendly choice for a stopover in Antalya on your way to Kas.

Read more about Antalya’s top all-inclusive family-friendly resorts.

Antalya to Kas by Private Tour

Want to travel to Kas at your own pace and stop to enjoy some of the views and sites with your family, but you don’t want to drive yourself? You can schedule a private tour along the coast to take you to Kas. You’ll have a tour guide and a driver to take you from Antalya to Kas. It makes the trip easy, and you get to sit back and enjoy the drive with your family without the stress of driving in Turkey.

Antalya to Kas by Private Transfer

Want a direct ride to Kas? Have a driver pick you and your family up at the airport to take you directly to Kas without stops along the way. We recommend using a local tour operator to schedule your transfer.

Fun Things to Do on the Way to Kas

If you decide to travel by car from Antalya to Kas, there are so many things to do on the way. We’ve got a great guide on things to do in Antalya with kids. Here are a few of our favorites along the scenic coastal route:

antalya to kas: phaselis turkey

✔️ Phaselis Beach & Ancient Ruins

Phaselis is about an hour’s drive from Antalya. It’s a unique opportunity to explore the ancient ruins of the city that were a favorite of Alexander the Great. Have a picnic at one of the beaches or swim in the Mediterranean. The water is shallow and is a great stop for families with small children. Use your museum card to enter the site.

mt. olympos cable car

✔️ Olympos Cable Car Up to Mt. Tahtali

A fun stop close to Kemer along D400 is riding the cable car up 2,364 meters to the top of Mt. Tahtali. You’ll have spectacular views of the mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea.  If you have time and an adventurous spirit, there are several activities you can do from the summit. You can see the sunrise or sunset, paraglide, experience the bungee catapult, and enjoy a hiking or bike tour in Beydaglari Coastal National Park. The cable car and winter activities are running during the winter months, so you can enjoy this stop year-round.

antalya to kas cirali beach

✔️ Cirali Beach

Cirali is a laid-back coastal village and is a favorite of our family.  This is the halfway point to Kas and if you want to take your time getting to Kas, this is a great overnight stop. This is a great blue flag beach to sit back and let the kids play on the beach and in the calm waters of the Mediterranean. You’ll have options for a short boat trip from here. You can stay at one of the local pensions or one of the high-end boutique hotels. Even if you don’t want to stay the night, this is a great stopping point to give your family a rest from the car in a beautiful location.

antalya to kas ancient city of myra rock tombs

✔️ Myra Rock Tombs

A short distance after driving through Finike, famous for its oranges, you’ll drive into the small town of Demre. You’ll find the rock tombs and amphitheater of the ancient city of Myra. You’ll turn into Demre and follow the brown signs to Myra. It’s only a short 5 – 10 minutes off the main road. You’ll use your museum card for entrance to the site.

st. nicholas church demre

✔️ St. Nicholas Church

After visiting Myra, you can make a short stop at St. Nicholas Church in Demre. The byzantine church is home to St. Nicholas of Myra, otherwise known as Santa Claus. The church will be on your way out of Demre when you are heading back to the main road D400. You’ll use your museum card for entrance to the site.

kekova turkey

✔️ Kekova & Simena

Kekova is an ancient sunken city near Demre. From Demre, drive towards Kas on D400 and take the exit for Ucagiz marina to rent a boat and take a 2–3 hour boat trip to see the sunken city in the clear blue water, then dock at Simena Castle and Gokkaya Bay.  If you don’t have time to make this stop on your way to Kas, this can be scheduled from Kas as a day tour from a different access point. We highly recommend this site. If you enjoy kayaking, there are options to rent kayaks to view the sunken city. Note you cannot dive or swim in this area.

antalya to kas hotel

Arrival in Kas

When you arrive in Kas, parking can be a bit of a hassle in town. Plan to park and walk to your hotel or pension with your luggage. The streets are narrow and sometimes difficult to navigate. If you are staying in a villa in Kas, on the peninsula, or upon the mountain, drive there first to get settled and have on good walking shoes before heading into town to explore.

kas amphitheater

What to Do in Kas

After a great drive from Antalya to Kas, you’ll be ready to enjoy all that Kas has to offer. If you would like to get some useful information on Kas’ villas and hotels, beaches, hiking, boat trips, what to eat, and much more, check out our Kas Destination Guide.

Some links on this page are affiliate links—that means that at no extra cost to you, we earn a small commission if you book through these links, and that helps keep this blog running.

antalya to kas route guide