Avanos Pottery Workshop in Cappadocia

Avanos pottery is a famous craft in the region of Cappadocia, Turkey. Pottery making dates back to the Hittites in the region, where you’ll many famous designs and ceramic paintings from this time period.

Learn more about where to go for Avanos pottery workshops and what to expect when you get there.

avanos pottery shop

Avanos Pottery in Cappadocia

Avanos is one of the popular towns of Cappadocia, and a quick 8km drive from Goreme. Avanos sits along the bank of the Kizilirmak or Red River, Turkey’s longest river.  The red clay from the Red River is what’s used for the famous pottery of Avanos. Some of the traditional clay pottery and designs date back to 2,000 BC from the Hittites.

On our trip to Avanos, we made a stop solely to take the kids to learn about the art of ceramics in the region. We stopped and had lunch at a local Turkish restaurant in Avanos. Then, we walked over to the art district to find a pottery workshop that we could all try.

avanos pottery workshop

Avanos Pottery Workshop for Kids

When you head into Avanos and go towards the city center, you’ll find the arts district, full of shops of local artisans selling pottery, jewelry, carpets, and other fun antique finds from the area. Ceramics are a historical and local art skill of the Cappadocian region, and our kids were all here for it! 

Avanos Arts District

Walk into the Arts District and first off, you’ll see the pottery shop for Chez Hakan. Chez is a master pottery maker is known, as the “Turkish Einstein”. The day we were there, he was not in the shop, but the Gokhan brothers were there to provide the demonstration and give the kids a hand at making their pottery. The price for the workshop is not set and we negotiated a cash price for 4 kids to give it a try. While the younger kids were all in from the get-go to give it a try, our teenager wasn’t so sure. Once she got a look at how much fun the kids were having, she had to try her hand at the pottery wheel. 

Chez Hakan Pottery Shop

Mr. Gokhan first gave us a demonstration on how to create pottery while we watched him on the pottery wheel. It takes experience to be able to turn the wheel with your foot and craft by hand a work of art so quickly. It was fun to watch how smoothly he could form the clay. We got to hear about how he was a 3rd generation pottery maker and meet his sister and brother that were also working in the shop.

The kids each took turns on the wheel. While the kids only focused on the clay, the instructor turned the wheel for them and helped them with formation and design. The kids were making their vases, and the staff brought us all Turkish tea to enjoy while we watched. It was very laid back and we enjoyed asking questions and learning more about their family and the history of the area. Each kid walked away with a different design for their vase, which they all thought was great!

AT Chez Hakan, they offer to fire your pottery and then have it delivered to your hotel in Cappadocia. If you are traveling soon, they can have it shipped to your hotel at your next destination in Turkey. They try to make the process as easy as possible.

Making Avanos pottery turned out to be a highlight for the kids during our trip to Cappadocia. I didn’t get to try it but told Enes on the next trip, that it is my turn!

hittite wine vessel avanos turkey

Ceramic Shopping in Avanos

After the kids finished making their pottery, we went through the shop and were able to learn more about the historical Hittite designs. While many of the ceramics you can purchase are mass-produced for tourists, it is still fun to learn more about local artisans and their crafts. We purchased a few souvenirs and then headed out to peruse a few other local shops.

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How to Get to Avanos

We recommend renting a car while you’re in Cappadocia so that you can explore different areas at your own pace. Avanos is about a 10–15-minute drive from Goreme, making it an easy stop for a few hours to have lunch and do the pottery-making demonstration.

Also, you can build a custom tour itinerary for your family and have the flexibility you need to make changes last minute.

See our route guide from Antalya to Cappadocia for your trip. 


Chez Hakan Pottery Shop

Yukarı Mahalle Fırın Sokak No:21
50500 Avanos | Kapadokya | Türkiye

Instagram: @chezhakan


Zelve Open Air Museum Monastery

Sites Near Avanos, Turkey

Hot Air Balloons

Goreme is the site of famous sunrise hot air balloons. Whether you’re flying or enjoying the views from the ground, you don’t want to miss this early morning activity in Cappadocia. 

Goreme Open Air Museum

If you’re staring in Goreme, you can make a quick stop to see the cave churches at the Goreme Open Air Museum. The museum is known for its painted frescoes on the church walls – don’t miss the Dark Church when you visit.

Zelve Open Air Museum

On your way out of Goreme, you can make a stop at Zelve Open Air Museum to wander through Zelve valley to visit churches and the monastery carved into the rock in the valley. A great stop for a hike and to explore with the kids.

Pasabag Monk Valley

Pasabag is home to the famous fairy chimneys and it is a few minutes down the road from Zelve Open Air Museum. Take 30 minutes and stop to walk the paths through the fair chimneys before heading on to Avanos for lunch and an afternoon pottery-making session.

Along with the Avanos pottery workshop, don’t miss the other top things to do in Cappadocia.

avanos pottery cappadocia

Final Thoughts on Avanos Pottery

Finally, Avanos pottery is a great stop to learn more about handicrafts in Cappadocia. Get hands-on experience in the art of pottery making. Learn more about the local artisans in the area from the Chez Hakan staff, Plus, add this fun Cappadocia activity for kids to your family trip itinerary in Turkey. 

avanos pottery cappadocia

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