Best Coffee Shops in Antalya

This week’s post is all about the best coffee shops in Antalya. Over the last few years, the coffee scene has exploded with many options to enjoy a great cup of joe. Our friend Melis is our local coffee shop expert and is sharing all the best places to get coffee in Antalya. She shares great tips on where to go, what to try, and which places are family-friendly.

Guest Author Introduction: Melis Wilson

Hi, I’m Melis. I’m someone who loves deep chats, critical thinking, writing, authenticity, and good-quality coffee. Critical thinking and always being on the look for things that could be upgraded have helped me find the best places to savor my favorite coffee in Antalya.

Also, I happen to be a wife and a mother. I love creating safe environments with what I would call balanced aromas and fragrances-like a good cup of coffee should be. Let’s jump right in…

konyaalti coffee shop

Antalya Coffee Scene

Antalya is a city that hosts a population of around 1.319 million people, fluctuating considerably with visiting local and foreign tourists, especially during the summer months. Given the rising population and people’s interest in the coffee industry, Antalya has witnessed significant growth in quality coffee consumption.

Discovering and enjoying coffee shops has always been one of my hobbies. I believe the first ever foreign coffee shop I’ve been to was a Starbucks which was opened only 10 minutes walking distance from my home. I’ve always found rest whenever I took a good book or flick through the pages of some quality coffee magazine, they leave on their tables at certain coffee shops I’ve visited.

Swinging by different coffee shops and savoring good quality cups of fineness has changed meaning after the arrival of our daughter Sage. What I’ve discovered as a mom, going out and spending a few hours of quiet has helped me switch off all the tabs which are always running in the back of my brain and draining my battery. Coffee is not just a want anymore but a need in my life.

As I find delight in savoring good quality coffee with quality company, I would like to share some of my favorite places I enjoy going with or without my family.

Next, see my top 6 favorite coffee shops in Antalya.

Macropus coffee Antalya

Best 6 Coffee Shops in Antalya

1. Baska Ol

Başka Ol has a lovely coffee shop in Antalya with a lovely atmosphere. It’s quieter in the mornings as most locals start their days late. It’s clean, chic, and stylish. They have a wide variety of drinks along with their lovely staff. People who work there are very friendly and most of them speak English.

Favorite Coffee Drinks

My favorite drink at Başka Ol is Iced Americano during summer and Chai Tea Latte in the winter months. My husband and I are both big lovers of Chai Tea Latte and we’ve come to discover they make the best Chai Tea Latte in town. They also have great Vegan options and healthy cold smoothies.

If you are also into pretzels and other European desserts I would highly recommend them.


The coffee shop is divided into 3 sections. There’s a wide space for food and drinks along with a bike store. Also, there is a space used as a bookstore and library. Most books you would find here are in Turkish but they have a variety of kids’ books located downstairs which are both English and Turkish. They have good quality highchairs and a diaper changing space in the Ladies’ restroom.

baska ol family friendly coffee shop


My husband and I used to take our daughter there as a newborn very frequently since we felt very much at home. All we needed with a newborn was a quiet and spacious environment with good quality coffee, surfaces to change her, kind staff, and a pet-friendly space to take our dog Bella with us.


The only thing that could be upgraded is their takeaway cups. They’re not the strongest ones I’ve tried, and they can easily leak if not careful, speaking from personal experience. I would highly recommend either taking your own cup with you which is better for the environment. If you’re trying to juggle bags, strollers, babies, and pets, as I’ve been known to do in the past, then you may also end up with a not-very-full cup of coffee! 🙂

the sudd coffee in antalya

2. The Sudd

The Sudd is another one of my favorite coffee shops in Antalya to go and chill. I haven’t taken my daughter Sage there many times but every time we’ve been, the staff has been very friendly and welcoming. They don’t have baby-changing facilities or highchairs if you have little kids with you.

Coffee Shop Locations

The Sudd – Kale Ici

The Sud keeps getting more popular and they keep opening new branches so make sure to check their busy times before you visit them. My favorite branch is Kale Ici (Old Town) in Antalya. They have a lovely seating area indoors and outdoors.

The Sudd – Liman

If you ever wish to visit The Sud Liman, it’s always a lovely opportunity to grab a drink and walk by the seaside. The beach from that specific shop is only about a couple of minutes walk or drive.

The Sudd – Lara

This location sits right on the popular Lara road with many cafes and restaurants along the cliffs of Antalya. You can sit in the cafe or get your coffee to go, and stroll through Duden Park and see some magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Sudd – Konyaalti

Just a block off of Konyaalti Beach, behind Sealife Hotel, you’ll find the Konyaalti location waiting for you.

Coffees to Try at The Sudd

They have an amazing range of coffee and desserts. I specifically like their chia puddings. They make it easy and possible for people who are looking for healthy options for their sweet tooth.

My favorite drink at The Sud is possibly their Cold Brew. They use high-quality coffee beans and everything is freshly prepared. Typically, I like to purchase a few small bottles of cold brew and keep them in my fridge for those moments I desperately need a pick me up in my busy life schedule. This would be a great option if you want to keep coffee on hand in your hotel while you’re in Antalya.

Coffee Delivery

They’ve also made their appearance just recently on Getir, an app that delivers food, drinks, and groceries to your door. There is a small fee on top of your bill but some days it’s just worth it.d

3. The Dose Coffee House

The Dose is by far one of my favorite coffee shops in Antalya. It’s run by mostly women and they’re super friendly and professional. So, it’s easy for me to feel invited into a safe space where I can have some downtime. The owner of Dose, Yasemin, is a very sweet, kind, and hard-working lady. She treats customers as if they are in her home. You feel welcomed and at peace.

Yasemin prepares each one of her recipes with the utmost care and attention to every unique detail using only the highest quality ingredients. They come up with new drinks and dessert options regularly so make sure to keep an eye on their IG account.

If you’re a person who likes connecting with new people over some delicious coffee the Dose is what you’re searching for. Antalya is fortunate to have them.


What Coffee to Try

First of all, their salted caramel latte is to die for! I think I can drink it every day for the rest of my life. Thankfully I don’t live super close to them! Seriously they make amazing desserts and drinks. They use Incommen coffee beans which have been roasted fresh in Antalya. Make sure to check their website alongside The Dose.

If you ever stop by, make sure to try their cheesecake, mosaic cake, mozzarella rolls, and iced Coffee. Even though we don’t live very close my husband would drive there during his work break just so we can have good quality coffee to brighten our day.

The Coffee Shop Space

On another note, the inside space isn’t very large. It’s just a fit if you’re looking for a calm corner to read or work independently. Having said that it might be tricky to be inside with a toddler or a baby. A short amount of time might be easily managed since they’re incredibly friendly, but you might want to sit outside if you need more space and room to breathe. They don’t have high chairs or changing facilities but you can always make due.

Also, they usually feed and take care of stray dogs and cats which are super sweet. So get ready to make new friends and feel free to take some treats with you if you would like to contribute to feeding these friendly souls.

antalya coffee

4. Macropus Coffee and More

I discovered Macropus, a wonderful coffee shop in Antalya, several years back. They were a lot smaller when they started and have continued to grow. The staff are extremely kind and friendly. They always have up-to-date, laid-back music playing in the background. There is a lovely seating area outside. It’s very stylish and comfortable.

Coffees to Try

Also, they are on both Yemeksepeti and Trendyol Yemek. My favorite coffees to order are iced americano, cappuccino, or flat white. My husband and I also enjoy their cold brew options. My husband is a very big fan of their affogato.

Local Featured Artists

Also, Macropus sells some unique pieces for home products including very astonishing handmade ceramic coffee cups and bowls. It’s always a joy for me to discover local Turkish artists through a coffee shop and keep up to date with their personal social media accounts.

cozy coffee house

5. Cozy Coffee House

The Cozy Coffee House in Antalya is the place to sit and watch the sunset behind the mountains over the sea while sipping your coffee. Cozy looks over the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus mountains. You can either sit and enjoy a drink or grab your favorite and take a walk at the park across the road.

Coffees to Try

My favorite drinks at Cozy Coffee House are iced cube latte, masala cube latte, and iced mocha. Their attentiveness to accuracy in their brewing techniques especially the V60 is important to recognize. Releasing the subtle and unique aromas and flavors from each coffee bean. Our go-to is Ethiopian V60.

I like the fact they prepare their ingredients instead of using syrups and artificial flavoring. My husband and I used to go to cozy very frequently and spent many hours chatting with staff and trying out their new drinks.

The Space

The inside space only has a capacity for 6 to 8 people. (hence the name cozy) I’ve found it quite tricky to go there with a newborn since our stroller wouldn’t comfortably fit inside. You’ll be totally fine if you wouldn’t mind sitting outside though to enjoy the view. I don’t think they have highchairs or any changing facilities. There’s only one single toilet for both men and women down a steep staircase. Even though I love music and discovering different genres I have found their music somehow too loud for my taste.

Cafe Bubu antalya

6. Cafe Bubu

Cafe Bubu is based on the Konyaalti side of Antalya. Their Tahini Latte is out of this world. If you are also very much into tahini, like me, this drink is just right for you!

Cafe Bubu is originally a Korean restaurant so it’s great to look and visit their business if you’ve never been to a Korean restaurant before. They have a very cozy environment with plants, macramés, and wooden furniture. They don’t work on Saturdays but are open the rest of the week.

Also, I would highly recommend their filter coffee and lattes. They’re usually very good at what they do. The staff mostly speaks English and Turkish and some Korean.

They have high chairs available for the littles.

coffee scene antalya

Final Thoughts on Coffee Shops in Antalya

If you need a coffee fix on your next visit to Antalya, these are some of the best coffee shops in town.  They’re family-friendly, have high-quality coffee and great spaces to sit back and enjoy your time there.

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Guest Author: Melis Wilson

Guest Author Melis Wilson

Melis is a woman who is being kept busy on her tiptoes by her 18 month old daughter and dog. She’s been recently discovering life through the lens of motherhood. She deeply enjoys working towards creating authentic spaces where beauty and brokenness can coexist. She has a heart for traveling, photography, redefining norms, and deep conversations. She’s a huge enneagram fan. She cherishes gathering snapshots of memories as we uncover different corners of our glamorous city Antalya.

Connect with Melis on Instagram @MelisWilson