travel gifts for kids

Best 13 Travel Gifts for Kids [2023 Edition]

Looking for the best travel gifts for kids to use on your trip to Turkey?

We’ve got a great list of kid-appropriate gifts that will get them excited about traveling to Turkey. Plus, they’ll be engaged and entertained in the process.

Next, we’ll take a look at the top travel gift ideas for the kids in your life.

travel gifts for kids

Best Travel Gifts for Kids

Check out these gifts for younger recipients, including children or those who remain young at heart.

Theodore's Turkish Adventure Book for Kids

πŸ“ 1. Theodore’s Turkish Adventure

Follow Theodore as he discovers what it’s like to visit Turkey. Your kids will love joining Theodore the bear as he travels to historic places like Troy, Ephesus and other beautiful places on his journey.

photo of headlamps that kids or adults can use outside.

πŸ“ 2. Headlamp for Kids

Active kids and adults who enjoy the outdoors will love these headlamps. They make camping and exploring much easier. These headlamps have a long run time of 45 hours, so the lamps can stay lit through multiple outdoor activities. They’re lightweight, durable, and waterproof, ensuring easy visibility for kids of all ages.

JBL noise cancelling headphones for kids

πŸ“ 3. JBL Noise Cancelling Kids Headphones

These JBL Noise Cancelling Kids Headphones are perfect for keeping kids entertained and their ears protected on flights to or traveling in Turkey. They have up to 20 hours of Bluetooth playtime or a detachable cable when needed.

lonely planets travel journal for kids

πŸ“ 4. Lonely Planet Kids Travel Journal

Allow kids to explore their creativity with this kid’s travel journal from Lonely Planet. It has sufficient space for kids to write about all the exciting things they do while in Turkey, from visiting attractions to sunbathing by the beach. This journal features fun prompts with space to draw, scribble, and write.

Osprey Hydrajet Kid's Backpack for hiking and travel.

πŸ“ 5. Osprey Hydrajet Kid’s Backpack

For kids that are ready to carry their own essentials, the Osprey Hydrajet Kid’s Backpack is a perfect starter backpack for travel.  This hiking pack is durable and water-resistant. Plus, it’s versatile and can be used for school once kids return from visiting Turkey. Bucket opening and adjustable straps with padding provide a comfortable experience for kids.

EZ Desk Travel Art Pack

πŸ“ 6. Travel Art Pack

Now artistic and creative kids can take their art-making on the go. This EZ Desk travel pack features washable markers, pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue, with construction paper and a doodle pad.  Kids can paint or draw whatever inspires them in Turkey with this art pack.

Full faced snorkeling gear for kids

πŸ“ 7. Snorkeling Gear

This gift is great for kids who want to spend the whole trip exploring marine life. This full-face snorkeling mask has a fun shark design that boys and girls will love! It’s anti-fog and anti-leak, making it a great choice for viewing underwater landscapes. Plus, the mask folds up easily, so it’s convenient to travel with.

Pink and blue 21 inch hard side spinning suit cases for travel

πŸ“ 8. Hardside Spinner

With so many fun colors to choose from, your kids are sure to be delighted with their own lightweight easy-to-roll suitcase for their trip.  The 21-inch suitcase can be used as a carry-on while the larger 26-inch will need to be checked.

LED Portable Night LIght

πŸ“ 9. LED Portable Night Light

Staying in new locations can be scary, especially for younger kids. You can make them feel more at home with this portable LED night light. This night light features different colored lights. Two settings are available: having the night light automatically rotate through the various light colors or setting the night light to a specific hue. This night light also doubles as a USB charging port.

scratch off world map poster

πŸ“ 10. Scratch Off World Map Poster

Are you a family with a goal of traveling the world? This scratch off world poster is a fun piece to hang in your home and track your travels together. It includes the map, scratching tool, memory stickers and eraser.

Colorful luffage id tags for kids

πŸ“ 11. Luggage ID Tags for Kids

Great for stocking stuffers and small original travel gift ideas for kids, these fun luggage ID tags will do the trick.

For smaller kids, these ID tags with monsters, Disney themed ID Tags and Star Wars ID tags are perfect.

Uno card game for traveling with kids

πŸ“ 12. Travel Games for Kids

We like packing light when we’re traveling and card games are perfect for traveling. It’s a great travel gift idea for kids to connect as a family during your trip.

We’re avid Monopoly Deal and UNO players. We love to play this together in the evenings before the kids go to bed. Great for kids 7+.

Other great games to use while traveling on the plane is digital Yahtzee and Mad Libs. Great for kids and adults alike. πŸ™‚

Paint by sticker zoo animals book

πŸ“ 13. Sticker Books

You can’t go wrong with sticker books to keep your kids occupied on the long flight to Turkey.   Some of our favorites include this Paint by Sticker Zoo Animals and the World Atlas Sticker Book.

kids travel gift guide

Final Thoughts on the Best Travel Gifts Ideas for Kids

Hopefully, these travel gift ideas for kids will get your imagination going to find the perfect gift for the kids in your life.  If you’re looking for Turkey travel gift ideas for your friends and families you can get them here.

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best travel gift ideas for kids

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