Turkish breakfast with kids

Best Turkish Breakfast Restaurants in Antalya, Turkey

We’ve got all the details on our favorite Turkish breakfast restaurants in Antalya. Turkish breakfast is an experience to be had when traveling in Turkey and we highly recommend venturing out of your hotel to try a local Turkish Breakfast restaurant or two during your trip.

We’ve got some favorite Turkish breakfast cafes in Antalya that will not disappoint!

Next, for the foodie traveler, let’s learn a little about what Turkish breakfast is and how best to enjoy it.

Turkish breakfast with kids

What is Turkish Breakfast?

There would be a gigantic chasm in the Turkish culture if you were to take away breakfast. Breakfast is a ritual that holds families and friends together. It’s easily noticeable how Turks, whether individuals or extended families, can be found gathered around a breakfast table for half of the day just enjoying flavors and textures along with Turkish tea for hours and hours.

Breakfast or Kahvalti in Turkey means “before coffee” and comes with an array of delicious foods that fill up your table. You’ll have breads, tomatoes, cucumbers, menemen, gozleme, bazlama and many other favorites served with your Turkish tea.

Read on to get the details on some of the Best Turkish Breakfast Restaurants in Antalya.

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Best Turkish Breakfast Restaurants in Antalya

1. Sari Demlik

What does Sari Demlik have that’s unique to them?

Sari Demlik is a quaint breakfast restaurant in Antalya that means ‘Yellow Teapot’ which wouldn’t take you long to discover as you walk into this enchanting venue with Turkish tea being served from a plethora of little yellow teapots. Sari Demlik has a cozy, welcoming, and somewhat akin to an almost Parisienne feel to it with its own unique decor. To kick off the breakfast, they bring you the homemade soup of the day in a tiny earthen cup with special bread and olive oil to dip in. The staff is super friendly and kind. While there is a menu with different options the majority go with the set fee where you’ll be brought limitless breakfast and tea for as long as you would like to stay. Sari Demlik is one of the most popular breakfast restaurants in Antalya.

What do they actually serve?

If you are the type who enjoys chatting with loved ones over a delectable table of homemade Turkish breakfast I would highly recommend Sari Demlik. Sari Demlik provides a fresh variety of drinks such as orange and pomegranate juice, homemade lemonade, and coffee. One of my favorite things is that their kitchen is very visible so it gives a sense of trust and comfort. I would highly recommend trying their pişi and bazlama. The lovely lady who owns Sari Demlik doesn’t just run this place but she also discovers and tries new recipes as she goes, such as their tomato jam. It surely tastes better than it sounds. I would call it a piece of heaven. Even that jam with the ‘Kaymak’ alone makes this experience worthwhile let alone the whole Turkish Breakfast experience they provide.

Is it kid friendly?

The answer is yes. Sari Demlik provides high chairs and their staff are incredibly helpful if you have your kid with you. I wouldn’t recommend taking a lot of stuff with you since the tables are a little close to each other but it provides all your basic needs and are very open to hear your questions. Sari Demlik is located in Lara and is a place you can easily get to.

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2. Pablito

What does Pablito have that’s unique to them?

Pablito is the flagship restaurant of the Akra Barut Hotel. They welcome and serve hotel guests as well as visitors giving this a more international vibe. Pablito has a good Turkish breakfast option. Get a good window seat at the back to take in those panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea and mesmerizing sunsets over the Taurus mountains. You’re then welcome to use some of the other facilities and restaurants while you are there.

What do they actually serve?

Pablito has a good variety of Turkish breakfast as well as main dishes, desserts and drinks.
Here’s their actual menu if you wish to look at their Turkish breakfast in Antalya.

Why go to Pablito?

The reason I would easily choose Pablito over other venues is that they always maintain a professional decorum with an air of calm. It’s possibly one of my favorite breakfast venues in Antalya. They have a diverse broad menu and the staff is super helpful when needed. My husband and I usually tend to order their big spread of breakfast and it’s more than enough for the two of us.

Is it kid friendly?

Very much so, yes! They provide high chairs that I absolutely loved myself. They have to change facilities inside the hotel which is only a couple of minutes walk. They’re helpful and understanding and most importantly they provide a kids club. It’s perfectly connected to the restaurant itself which is lovely. So, perhaps you can have a date with your spouse or a friend meanwhile your kid/kids can enjoy themselves in the safety of their play club.

Your child would have to be over 4 to be able to use the facilities but I would highly recommend giving them a try. The club is open and running every day of the week.

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3. Supla Antalya

What does Supla have that’s unique to them?

Supla Antalya is a quaint, smaller restaurant run by a lovely Turkish lady. They’re located close to the middle of Antalya – just a 9 minute walk from the Akra Barut Hotel. While they are centrally located their specific corner remains calm and peaceful. They have a carefully crafted Turkish breakfast which is served pretty swiftly and they’re very understanding of kids or babies being around.

What do they actually serve?

Supla provides different options for their breakfast. Our family’s favorite is the ‘Serpme Kahvalti’. It’s rich, scrumptious and filling. They bring a pot of Turkish tea to the table so you can serve yourself throughout the breakfast. We love their pastry options such as their borek filled with ground meat. They also provide freshly squeezed juice options. They also have some unique omelette variations which are well worth a try – how they get potatoes, onions and eggs to taste quite that good is beyond me!

Why should you choose Supla?

If you’re wanting to support small businesses as well as munch away at a hearty Turkish breakfast then Supla is the place. Their location is perfect to follow up with a sea view stroll to go and walk off all the delicius food you just ate!

Is it kid friendly?

Yes, it is. They provide high chairs and have changing facilities in the restroom. They’re very understanding and the restaurant provides you space to move around and either enjoy your Turkish breakfast indoors or outdoors.

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Turkish breakfast restaurant in Antalya

4. Çakırlar – Turkish Breakfast Village

To Antalyans, Çakırlar is pretty much synonymous with Turkish breakfast!

People who breathe in too much city air throughout their week, usually tend to go and fill their lungs with fresh village air on the weekends. It’s almost impossible to not notice families gathering with joy, kids playing, and hot and cozy Turkish tea being poured all over Çakırlar. The variety of breakfast places is limitless. They’re in every corner or every little street. Some big, some small. Some with a playground, some not.

What does Cakirlar have unique to them?

First of all, the fact that you’re outside the city taking in all that rustic village feeling is priceless. Don’t be surprised if you stumble across little farms or even if their animals find you – providing much amusement for kids and grownups alike! They serve a broad spectrum of delicacies to be found on the Turkish breakfast table. Breakfast nestled in the homey village of Cakirlar is vast in textures and flavors to wow even the most widely traveled tourist – with the option to sit in your own private treehouse! It’s also special and unique to see older ladies cooking your breakfast right in front of you. It gives you a chance to connect with new people as well as enjoy your scrumptious Turkish breakfast .

What do they serve?

They usually have a full spread with a taster of each and every element of Turkish breakfast along with freshly baked Turkish breads and pastries including gozleme, pisi and bazlama. You can choose the filling of your gozleme with feta cheese, ground beef, spinach or a mixed combo. They serve limitless tea and would love you to try Turkish coffee as you’re about to leave.

Why should you choose Cakirlar?

If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Turkish life, breakfast and to connect with people, Cakirlar is the place. Oh – did I mention the freshly baked breads and pastries?!

Is it kid friendly?

Yes! I find that it’s sometimes easier to keep kids occupied in nature. As much as Cakirlar is extremely rich in Turkish breakfast they’re also rich in nature. There’s so much to discover, under every little rock, behind every leaf and between mountains, there’s so much diversity to be found.

Also, why not be a bridge to your kid to have their first ever dreamy Turkish breakfast experience. Most places provide these very authentic gazebos where their floors would be covered in rugs and cushions which are awesome for both babies and kids. Most of the larger restaurants have play areas for kids, too.

Cakirlar was the first place we decided to take our newborn daughter. I believe she was only 15 days old when we decided Cakirlar would be super easy to chill, put her to nap and relax our whole family as we really needed to.

Favorite Turkish Breakfast Restaurants at Cakirlar

  • Arife Kir Sofrasi
  • Alya Gozleme ve Koy Kahvaltisi

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5. Sade Patisserie

Sade Pattisserie is the perfect breakfast restaurant in Antalya for quick continental pastries, breakfast and coffee – perfect for solo travelers or breakfast on the go. Also great for an afternoon snack, either way, you won’t be disappointed by the exquisite marrying of fine pastries with wonderful variety for every palate.

What do they have unique to them?

Hands down they make the best croissants in Antalya. From the plain to the chocolate and the almond to the pistachio and even croissant sandwiches – each one is to die for. They use the best quality ingredients and the expertise of the staff is quite simply an equation for excellence itself.

Is it kid friendly?

Yes. They provide high chairs for infants. The pastries themselves should be enough to keep the little ones entertained.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Turkish Breakfast Restaurants in Antalya

Ultimately, visiting a Turkish breakfast restaurant in Antalya gives you the perfect opportunity for a well-rounded cultural experience. With our list of a few of our favorite breakfast places in Antalya, you’ve got a great place to start enjoying excellent food and time together with your family.

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Best Turkish Restaurants in Antalya Turkey


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