Best Things to Do in Kas, Turkey with Kids: 5 Day Itinerary

Go discover the best things to do in Kas, Turkey with the kids. We decided to take a 5-day road trip down Mediterranean Coast to explore and have some fun. We had a general idea of some things we wanted to do but left most of our days open to explore and change our minds on a whim. Kas was home base, and then we’ll take short trips out from there.

See our Kas Destination Guide for everything you need to know for planning a trip.

mediterranean coastal road to kas

Day 1: Travel to Kas with Kids

The drive from Antalya to Kas along the Mediterranean coast is beautiful. It’s about a 3 ½ hour drive if you go straight there, but we usually take our time and make stops to take in the view and explore a few sites. You take the winding road along the coast and then move back into the hills and back to the coast again. These stops are things you can do on the way to Kas or take day trips out if you have a longer stay.


We decided we would stop in Demre to see the ancient city of Myra’s rock tombs and have lunch. Since we are in the month of Ramadan many cafes and restaurants are closed during the day, but we found a few places open in Demre serving simple meals. We stopped in the city center and had chicken doner with rice before heading to Myra.

ancient city of myra


When we arrived at Myra, we parked in an empty unmarked lot across the street from the entrance. There were little markets selling snacks, water, and small souvenirs as you walk through to the site entrance. We used our Museum Pass to enter the site and enjoyed looking at the rock tombs carved into the side of the mountain. The intricate details of the carvings are beautiful. Then, we climbed up the stairway to the top of the amphitheater to enjoy some of the views from the top. The kids enjoyed climbing up and down the steps in the amphitheater. That seems to be their favorite thing to do at a lot of the sites we’ve visited.

When we left, we walked across little puppies that we couldn’t help but stop and play with. Zara was smitten and had named all the puppies within the first 2 minutes. We had a nice puppy snuggle session, then moved on to continue the way to Kas.

best things to do in kas with kids

Back on the Road to Kas

One of the best things to do in Kas is enjoy the view – no matter where you are. As we rounded the top of the hill to Kas, we pulled over along the road to enjoy some mountain top views of the coastal town of Kas, Turkey and the sparkling Mediterranean before heading down to our Airbnb. We stayed outside of the city center in a flat that overlooked the sea and had a beautiful sunset and a nice view of the mountains.

Day 2: Visit Saklikent Gorge & Patara Beach

On day 2, we hit some of the top things to do in Kas with kids. We left our flat in the morning to drive to Saklikent Gorge while everyone was fresh first thing in the morning. The drive was about 45 minutes from our flat, partly winding along the Mediterranean coast, and wanted to get an early start to the day.

kaputas beach

Kaputas Beach

Only a short 15-minute drive from Kas, Turkey along the coastal road you’ll see Kaputas Beach. You can walk down the steps to the beach. In the spring, they are not renting out chairs and umbrellas so you can take down your gear to sit on the beach. If you’re brave enough to get the water, you can swim, but the water is still cold in April. We enjoyed the views of the turquoise blue water and

saklikent gorge

Saklikent Gorge

We wanted to visit Saklikent Gorge and go hike back through the canyon while we were all fresh and ready to go. The gorge is 18km long and 300 meters deep and is the largest canyon in Turkey. After visiting Kaputas Beach, we headed down the coast road and then turned inland and drove through the countryside seeing villages, greenhouses, a river, and beautiful views of the prairie leading up to the foot of the mountains.

As we reached the area of the Gorge, there were cafes and many Instagram worth photo ops set up to stop and take photos. As you drive in, you’ll see an area to park that is free and then you can walk down the road and over the bridge to the entrance of the gorge. We drove to the entrance where there is a parking area, and they charged 40 TL to park. Since we are traveling in the spring, parking wasn’t an issue, but the local café told us in the high season it’s better to park down the road and walk over because of the number of visitors.

saklikent gorge first stop

Springtime at Saklikent Gorge

During the spring the water in the gorge is high and you can walk back about on a platform that has been built to a flat open area where you can sit and enjoy a few small waterfalls or take your shoes off and put your feet in the icy cold water. The walls of the gorge towered high above us the water of the river ran quickly by as we walked back about to the open area. There were guides on site that you could hire to take you through the water to go hike back about a mile to see a waterfall in the gorge that is only there in the Spring. We opted not to make the trek because it was cold and weren’t prepared for a water trip. I think it would’ve been fun to walk back through the water if we had a wet suit.

The kids had fun walking through the icy cold water and on the shore. Then we stopped and had cay at the little café there by the water. Our time at Saklikent ended when our youngest slipped on a rock and fell in! She was ok but wet and cold.

In the summer, the water is only a trickle, and you can hike back through the canyon. We’ll be back another time this summer!

patara sand dunes

Patara Beach

Next, we headed to Patara Beach, an 18km long sand beach. It was on our way back from Saklikent Gorge, so we thought it was a nice stop. The main entrance to Patara Beach is through the ruins of the ancient city of Patara. We didn’t want to go through the ruins, so we opted for another way to access the beach that we found on our GPS. We followed the road through a village and up a hill. As we pulled up, we realized we were accessing Patara Beach through the dunes – it was a fun surprise and so beautiful!

Walking up and down hills through the sand can be tough but the kids ran up and down the hills like it was nothing. We walked up on a music video shoot by a Turkish musician. We weren’t sure who it was, but it looked like there was probably going to be a sunset dance party on the dunes. We’ll keep you posted if we see the video out in the coming months.

We spent the next few hours playing on the dunes – we didn’t even make it down to the water! The kids were having a blast building sandcastles and sliding down the dunes. We saw other families with kids of all ages doing the same thing. We recommend going from Kas to Patara Beach for a few hours of fun.

akcagerme beach kas, turkey

Day 3: Go to the Local Beaches in Kas

The next day we did the kid’s favorite thing to do in Kas, we decided to explore the small coastal village of Kas, Turkey and some local public beaches. We wanted to have an easy day with no solid plans. Everything in Turkey starts a little bit later and since we were staying outside the Kas city center, we took our time getting around in the morning. We had breakfast, enjoyed the views of the Mediterranean from our balcony, and decided to head out late morning to Kas.

Akcagerme Beach

The first beach we visited was Akcagerme Beach. This is a small beach just outside of the city center with shallow waters and is popular for families with small children. You can take your towels or folding chairs to sit and play at the beach. Being springtime, the other activities at the beach are not open yet. In the high season, there is a small aqua park, café, and tennis court on site. We decided to move to check out what we could find in town to explore.

kas amphitheater

Best Things to Do in the Kas City Center

We had to drive around a bit to find a place to park in town. The roads are narrow and finding a place to park was a bit difficult. If you go into town, make sure your parallel parking game is on point. Enes is a great driver and was able to get pulled into a great spot down by the Kas harbor.

Eat Local

Despite the parking situation, Kas is such a wonderful little coastal town to walk through. There are local cafes, shopping, and opportunities for some beautiful photos. We walked around a bit and decided on a small local home kitchen to have lunch. Emre Restaurant in Kas is run by a local family – when we walked in one of the kids and his grandfather were sitting snapping green beans together preparing them to be cooked. We had rice, kofte, stuffed bell peppers, and chicken sauté. It was delicious and we were stuffed!

Boat Trip

After this, we walked to the harbor to look at all the gullets and sailboats. We’re planning on a boat trip this summer and wanted to talk to some of the locals to see what the best options are for the trip we want to take. So excited for our summer trip!

Next, we headed out to find the only beach located directly in the city center.

kucuk cakil beach

Kucuk Cakil

Kucuk Cakil is a small little beach located in the city. It’s a favorite of families of small children. If you don’t know what you are looking for you, might miss the stairs that head down to the beach.

We walked down the steps and enjoyed the water and beach for a short time. Zara played with pebbles at the beach and Kaya climbed on the rocky walls next to the beach. Already, there were several families down at the beach and some waiting in the wings with their small children to have a turn to play, so we headed out on our way.

kas villas on the peninsula

Kas Peninsula

Next, we jumped in our car to head out on the Kas Peninsula to take in some views of the Greek island of Meis and the surrounding islands you can see in the water. On the sunset side of the peninsula, you’ll find luxury villas available to rent all up and down the mountains with amazing views.

As we made our way to the sunrise side of the peninsula, there was a lot of construction going on with hotels and new villas being built. We enjoyed the views from here but wouldn’t recommend staying on this side until all the construction is wrapped up.

Kas Beach Day

Halk Beach

As we made our way back to Kas, we saw an entrance to a local government beach called Halk Beach. We pulled in to check it out and were pleasantly surprised. There was a private woman-only beach that had a separate entrance down to the water. Then we drove down a little further to park and walk down to the main public beach. There is a café, restrooms, and changing rooms on hand. Being April, the government workers were getting the beach ready for the high season so there was some work going on but not enough to disrupt having a fun time. In the high season, you can rent chairs and umbrellas as well.

This was the kids’ first swim in the Mediterranean. The water was still cold, but we still enjoyed being outside, putting our feet in the water, and taking a little nap on the beach. I’m sure we’ll be back here again this summer.

After this, we headed back to our flat to enjoy the evening cooking and enjoying the view, and getting ready for our trip to Oludeniz the next day.

Day 4: Explore Oludeniz Beach & Kayakoy

On Day 4, we looked at all of our options of the best things to do in Kas, Turkey and decided on a day trip to Oludeniz Beach. This is one of our favorite days on our trip.


We headed out early to go to Oludeniz Beach towards Fethiye. It’s about a 2-hour drive from Kas along the winding coastal road. The scenic drive felt much shorter, so we didn’t mind. When we got closer to Oludeniz we began to see the paragliders in the area. It was so fun to see so many floating and gliding in the sky at the same time. We have paraglided here before and the paragliding companies have streamlined their systems to make it easier and faster to make the trip up the mountain for take-off.

We watched paragliders coming in for the landing and found a local beachfront café to sit and have an early lunch. After lunch, we headed over to the paid area of the blue lagoon in Oludeniz. You can drive back and park closer to the lagoon. I was very impressed with the setup of all of the activities you can do at Oludeniz. You can ride jet skis, go scuba diving on the seaside or rent paddleboards and paddle boats on the lagoon side. There are bars and cafes on-site as well as restrooms and changing cabins. I’m sure in the summer it’s a tourist haven but coming in the low season there were people there but not overly crowded.

olu deniz

Paddleboat in the Blue Lagoon

We decided to take the kids out on the lagoon in the paddle boat. The cost was 250TL for an hour and well worth it. We paddled over across the lagoon to a tiny little beach where there were no people. We parked the boat and had the area to ourselves for an hour. Enes went climbing up the mountain and the kids and I stayed in the water. It was cold but we were having so much fun it didn’t seem to matter. For the last 15 minutes, we paddled around the lagoon. The water is so clear you can see to the bottom, so we looked in the water, saw some turtles swimming around, some fish and other wonderful sea life.

We wrapped up our time at Oludeniz with a few snacks, got changed, and headed to the abandoned Greek village of Kayakoy.

kayakoy village


Kayakoy is a Greek village known as Levissi by the Greeks. After World War I and the Turkish-Greecian War of 1919 – 1922, the Turkish Greek Population Exchange took place. The treaty required Greek Orthodox Christians to leave their homes for Greece and required Greece’s Muslim citizens to leave their homes for Turkey.

Kayakoy is now preserved as a museum village of Greek-style houses and churches that cover a small mountainside with a small Turkish village spread out at the base of the hillside. We walked through the abandoned village and there was a heaviness that I felt imagining what this thriving community must have been like in its day.

The most well-persevered church was closed due to safety concerns, so we could not go in but could see it through the gates. There are several vendors selling trinkets and small souvenirs as you arrive and leave the site. It was worth a visit to honor the history of the village and to remember what happened there.

After Kayakoy we were all tired and ready to get back to our flat. We had dinner and went to bed fairly early. We had a full and fun day!

St. Nicholas Church Demre

Day 5: Road Trip to Antalya

We got up and around, got the car packed up, and ready to head back to Antalya. We drove into Kas for breakfast at a local pastry shop, then had some good strong coffee while the kids played at the playground in the center of town.

On our way back to Antalya, we stopped in Demre to have a break from the car. We went to town to tour St. Nicholas’ Church. There isn’t parking at the site, so we had to park in the city center and walk a block over to the site. We used our Museum Pass to enter the site and spent about 30 minutes looking at the mosaics and learning a little about St. Nicholas of Myra, otherwise known as Santa Claus.

We left Demre and stopped again in Finike for lunch. Since we are in the month of Ramadan, not all restaurants and cafes are open, but we did find a local restaurant open where we enjoyed hamburgers and kumpir.

We were going to stop at Phaselis when we got closer to Antalya were tired. We decided we would go to the ancient city to explore another day. It is close to Antalya and an easy day trip to explore and enjoy one of the beaches at the site.

FAQs: Things to Do in Kas

How far is it from Antalya to Kas?

From Antalya to Kas, it is 187 km, about a 3 hours drive west on the Mediterranean coast. The drive winds along the coast and at times move back into the mountains. The views are breathtaking with lots of stops along the way.

What are the best things to do in Kas with kids?

The best things to do in Kas, Turkey with kids are:

Visit Local Beaches

  • Akcagerme Beach
  • Kucuk Cakil Beach
  • Halk Beach
  • Kaputas Beach
  • Oludeniz Beach
  • Patara Beach


  • Lycian Way
  • Saklikent Gorge

Other Activities Include

  • Paddleboat or Paddleboard at Oludeniz
  • Visit Kayakoy
  • Explore Kas
  • Boat Trip on the Mediterranean Sea
  • Eat Turkish ice cream
  • Sunken City of Kekova
  • Ancient city Simena

See more tips for traveling with kids.

How far is it from Kas to Oludeniz Beach?

To get from Kas to Oludeniz it is a 111 km, 1 ½ hour drive by car. The drive is beautiful and Oludeniz is a fun-filled day of swimming, paddle boating, paddleboarding, and paragliding for your family.

It is worth it to go to Kas?

Kas is the ultimate family getaway on the Mediterranean Coast in Turkey. It is a small coastal village with many family-friendly activities including swimming, boat trips, hiking, and exploring ancient ruins all a short distance from the charming coastal beach town of Kas. Once you’ve seen the classic sites of Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Ephesus, we recommend a trip to the Mediterranean Coast.

Conclusion for Best Things to Do in Kas, Turkey

Ultimately, we discovered many of the best things to do in Kas, Turkey with the kids. Our 5-day road trip on the Turkish coast was slow and just what we need to connect as a family. We enjoyed the water, sun, hiking, and ruins at every turn. We all needed to get away and have some fun together. Upon our return to Antalya, I think Kaya summed it up best when he said, “Mom, I know we had a good trip because I slept SO good last night.” Thanks, Kaya, me too.

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