Kas, Turkey Travel Guide: Visit a Charming Coastal Beach Town

Kas, Turkey has hidden sandy beaches, fresh seafood, and daredevil activities that will leave you wanting more. This coastal town resides in the Antalya Province on the Turkish Riviera and offers a beach-laden respite for tourists and locals alike.

With a charming downtown area to explore, and historical sites spread throughout the town, Kas makes the top of the list of idyllic Turkey beach towns to visit. Prepare to spend most of your time nearby, in, or on the water, as you won’t want to leave the bright blue waters of the Turkish coast for long.

Below, you’ll find a complete Kas, Turkey travel guide that takes you through the best activities, attractions, hotels, and restaurants. Whether you’re enjoying a family vacation, romantic holiday, or solo getaway, you’ll find many things to do in Kas, Turkey. Also, don’t miss the Antalya to Kas route guide for a great drive along the Turkish coast.

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Kas Fast Facts

BEST TIME TO GO: April–October


CURRENCY: Turkish Lira (TL)

PLUGS: Standard C | 220 V | 50 Hz


  • Hot humid summers
  • Mild spring & fall
  • Cold rainy winter


  • Beach
  • Historical
  • Food
  • Slow

kas turkey streets

Kas, Turkey Essentials

Museum Pass Mediterranean | 360 TL

Get access to over 40 museums to visit over 5 days in Kas and the Mediterranean region. You can purchase the card through the website, at the first museum you visit or on the Museums of Turkey app. If you’re traveling to other reagions, get the Museum Pass the covers access to museums in ALL of Turkey for 15 days for 600 TL.


mediterranean coast in turkey

How to Get to Kas

The closest airports are a few hours away from Kas, so you will need to rent a car or ride the bus to your final destination. Below are a few options that you can pursue to get to Kas, Turkey.

By Plane

The airport you arrive at will depend on if you’re flying internationally or from another city in Turkey. However, the closest airport to Kas is the Dalaman Airport. It’s only about a two-hour drive, though it’s only for domestic flights within Turkey.

Otherwise, you’ll likely be flying into the Antalya Airport, which is the closest international airport. From Antalya, it’s about a 3-hour drive. Additionally, buses are available, though they take an additional hour or so for the journey.

By Car

Ultimately, renting a car is a great option for traveling around Kas, especially if you want to include day trips to nearby coastal towns. Driving from Antalya to Kas will take you on a trip southwest from the airport. Once you arrive in Kas, the town is easily walkable, so you won’t need to drive much unless you decide on a day trip elsewhere.  For all the information your need to travel to Kas by car, check out our Family Road Trip Guide: How to get from Antalya to Kas.


What to Do

There’s quite a lot to do while visiting Kas, Turkey, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Here are some of the top attractions to add to your itinerary when you plan your trip. If you have time, it’s worth seeing them all or as many as possible.

sunken city of kekova

Sunken City of Kekova

Simena is a historic city that offers stunning views of the surrounding water. The city of Simena, now known as Kaleköy or sometimes Simena-Kekova, is only accessible by boat. The ancient settlement was once a thriving coastal city in Kekova. It was built to protect the local people from outside forces. Eventually, it was abandoned, leaving historic remains for future visitors to explore.

You’ll find many sites to explore on the island, including the ruins of a castle. Temples, Lycian rock tombs, and an impressive amphitheater are among the attractions available at Simena-Kekova. This unique city is partially underwater, creating an interesting appeal that few other locations can offer.

simena kekova turkey


Next, after spending a few hours touring or exploring the Kekova ruins, you can trek to Kaleköy. This area is also referred to as Simena. Both the ancient ruins and this historic village are located on the same island.

Kaleköy has a unique charm with houses built onto the rolling hills and is a protected area. This town has quirks that add to its appeal, like a ban on construction (even renovations).

This village is the perfect spot to explore and take in the tranquil atmosphere. No cars are allowed in Kaleköy, so you’ll be treated to the calming sounds of the water and town instead of honking horns. On the island, there are a few restaurants to enjoy. They all specialize in seafood and offer freshly caught options.

Shopping at Uzun Bazaar

Uzun Bazaar is in the heart of Kas and offers visitors an excellent location for shopping and spending time with locals. There is a long list of available shops to browse throughout the bazaar, which offer designer outfits, jewelry, bags, and more in this ancient town’s bazaar.

Moreover, the bazaar is open daily and houses some of the best restaurants in the area. As you stroll the cobblestone streets, take time to notice the architecture in the area.

hike the lycian way turkey

Hike a Section of the Lycian Way

The Lycian Way is a walking path that stretches from Fethiye to Antalya in the east. While you can travel the whole route on foot, you would need 29 days to complete it. Instead, consider exploring a partial part of the pathway to see some of the sites.

You’ll be walking on old stairwells through multiple towns and cities to view some of Turkey’s best historical sites and stunning nature views. You can head through Oludeniz to see the Butterfly Valley if you’re taking a longer route. Kekova is also visible from Lycian Way.

As a note, red and white trail markers are spread throughout the primary pathways. Yellow and red indicate you’ve turned onto a side path. Side pathways are best for those seeking shorter hiking trips, as you can come back to your starting place more easily.

Beaches in Kas

As Kas is right on the water, you can expect plenty of beaches to visit. Here are some of our recommended beaches to see while in Kas, Turkey.

kaputas beach turkey

Kaputas Beach – Most Beautiful

Kaputas Beach is a popular beach in Kas because of its beauty. It’s said that it’s not only the most beautiful beach option in Kas but also in the whole country. The beach is situated between two cliffs, partially hidden away from the world.

To reach the beach, you’ll need to descend 187 steps to the pristine sandy area awaiting you. Showers, umbrellas, and a snack bar are available on the beach, though you’ll only find these amenities during peak season. This is also a stop for gulet cruise ships, so you can expect this gem to be pretty busy.

Take time to stop at Blue Cave, a short walk from the beach. It’s been stunning visitors with its bright blue waters for years.

akcagerme beach turkey

Akcagerme Beach – Best for Families

Akcagerme Beach sits between Fethiye and Antalya, a few miles away from Kas. The emerald, green waters draw in visitors who have become accustomed to the bright blue waters at other Kas beaches.

This beach offers incredibly calm waters – making it an excellent spot for families to explore. It also has quite shallow water, so those who wish to walk further into the water can without fear of the water getting too deep.

There are available showers and lounge chairs that can be rented to enjoy this pebble beach better.

Kas Beach Day

Halk Beach – Close to Town & Great for Families

Halk Beach in Kas is found on the peninsula. The brilliant turquoise waters perfectly accent the lush greenery of the surrounding hills, making it a lovely place to spend the day. Also, there is private women’s beach that has a private entrance – Kadin Plaji.

The waters at this beach are stronger in the afternoon, so it’s best to swim in the morning. After spending a day at the beach, you can enjoy one of the best sunsets from the restaurants that sit alongside the beach.

limanagzi bay turkey

Limanağzı Beach – Hardest to Reach but Most Untouched

Limanağzı Beach is not reachable by the usual methods – car or walking due to its location. Instead, you’ll need to reach it by boat trip or cruise. The beach has sparkling, crystal clear water and plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas.

This area is protected and is home to caretta caretta sea turtles, which you’ll likely see shuffling down the beach. Limanağzı Beach in Kas is said to have the most extended amount of sunlight because of its location.

You can read more about beaches in the Antalya province, in our Guide to Best Beaches in Antalya.

kas harbor boats

Boat Trip

Taking a boat trip while visiting Kas, Turkey is an excellent way to spend a few hours in a day. Boat tours allow you to visit the attractions that are only accessible by boat, like Meis, a small Greek island nearby. You can enjoy a tour through the beautiful waters between snorkeling and beach excursions.

Likewise, it’s also a great way to avoid the crowds while enjoying the beautiful nature scenes Kas offers.

kayaking the mediterranean in turkey

Adventure Activities in Kas, Turkey

Kas is an excellent location for thrill-seekers. There are plenty of Kas, Turkey activities to keep you occupied, some that even children can participate in. If you want to add some heart-pumping activities to your itinerary, check out the options below.


If you want to incorporate kayaking and a visit to Sunken City, aka Simena-Kekova, kayaking is a great option. There are full-day tours which include paddling around the island, meals, and transport from Kas, Kalkan, and Ucagiz Village. The full-day tours include time to explore Simena and its sunken landmarks.

Slightly shorter tours are available, which also travel to Kekova. You can expect to spend between 6 and 8 hours on a kayaking excursion.

paragliding in kas turkey


Paragliding in Kas, Turkey is a popular activity. The hills offer the perfect place to take off from the ground. Plus, they provide an overlook of the harbor below before takeoff. As you drift above the harbor and town, you’ll be rewarded with even more incredible views.

This activity typically takes about 1-2 hours, so you’ll need to budget that time into the itinerary. Also, the minimum age for paragliding is six years old in Turkey, so children can join if you would like them to.

Also, you can paraglide at Oludeniz about a 2 hour drive from Kas.

canyoning in kas

Canyoning – 12 & Older

Canyoning is not recommended for children under 12 for safety reasons, so this activity is best for those traveling with older children or other adults. There are two canyons (Kıbrıs or Hacıoğlan) that are typically chosen to explore during this outing. It will depend on the season and current conditions of each as the deciding factor for which canyon will be explored.

This activity combines hiking, rock climbing, riding waterfalls, and exploring/swimming through gorges. It’s an exciting excursion that will require you to bring the appropriate footwear that won’t slip during the outing.

Scuba Diving

With crystal clear waters that are warm for many months each year, Kas has some of the best scuba diving opportunities. This activity is great for all skill levels, as there are many tours to choose from.

One of the more popular tours includes a trip to Kekova with a few hours of scuba diving. Underwater, there is plenty of marine wildlife to observe. You’ll likely see relics from shipwrecks many years ago.

Where to Stay

While Kas is a smaller town, there’s a long list of activities to do in town and nearby. You’ll likely need at least a few days to explore Kas. Below, you’ll find options for where to stay in Kas, Turkey with budget-friendly and luxury options.


kas hotel

Kas Hotel

The Kas Hotel is the epitome of luxury, featuring large windows for epic views of the water and rows of lounge chairs to sun in; this hotel is stunning. It sits just a short walk up the hill from the city center right on the mountainside cliffs. There is even direct access to the water via a ladder. This ladder takes guests down the side of the cliff that the hotel resides on, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

The hotel is nearby attractions like Lion’s Tomb, the Hellenistic Theater, and boat trips. As a bonus, breakfast is included with this stay.

Alley Prime Hotel

The Alley Prime Hotel is in Kas, less than a mile from Akcagerme Beach, allowing easy access to the pristine sand and lapping waves.

There are quite a few amenities available at the Alley Prime Hotel, like a swimming pool, bar, restaurant, lounge, garden, and private beach access.

Prices are higher per night at the Alley Prime Hotel, starting at $188.

kas villas

Kas,Turkey Villas

These villas are personal favorites in Kas, Turkey. I’ve been able to stay at each villa previously and had a positive experience. The cost per night will depend on the time of year you are visiting. Expect higher rates in the high season between May and September. 

Kas Town Villa With Great Views

The Kas Town Villa is gorgeous and has room for up to 10 people . This accommodation sits above Kas, providing views of the harbor town and sparkling water below. You can walk into town and take a short taxi ride back up to the villa from the city center.

It has a private pool, a stunning terrace, and five rooms to sleep in. It’s ideal for larger families or group trips.

4 Bedroom Sea Front Villa With Sunset Views

This 4-bedroom seafront villa will make you feel like you’re staying at a luxury resort. With an infinity pool that overlooks Kas, the beautiful water, and the lush mountains beyond, it’s one of the favorite accommodations in Kas. It’s a short drive into Kas, so expect to park outside the city center and walk in due to the lack of parking areas in Kas.

You can fit up to 8 people within the four available rooms, making this villa another great stay for larger groups of friends and family. Each night, you can enjoy the lovely sunset from the terrace.

where to stay in kas


Ates Pension

Ates Pension is a beautiful budget hotel that starts at $25 per night. It has airy rooms and a Mediterranean style that perfectly fits the nearby sea.

When staying at the Ates Pension, you’ll have access to a private beach and a large breakfast buffet each morning. A restaurant and bar are also on the premises with excellent water views.

Livia Hotel

The Livia Hotel is another budget-friendly accommodation with options for a rooftop room with windows that peer out of the sea. This bed and breakfast offers a cozy environment, with only 16 rooms available.

Rooms start at about $24 per night, including breakfast at the hotel. As a note, there are only a few parking spaces in the front of the hotel. You’ll need to park around the corner if you’re renting a car.

Paydos Pansiyon

The Paydos Pansiyon has cool, beachy vibes and minimalist room décor. There’s a shared common area where you can meet fellow travelers during a stay at this hotel.

Only 650 feet away from this hotel sit the Lycian Tombs, making them easily accessible for guests. The bazaar is also a short walk from this hotel.

fish in kas

Where to Eat

It’s important to take a break from the sun every once, especially to try the local food. Here are some of the top restaurants in Kas to enjoy.

Zaika Ocakbasi

Zaika Ocakbasi is the perfect family restaurant to eat at in Kas. It’s casual, so you can head here after excursions during the day without changing.

This restaurant serves delicious kebabs that are incredibly tender and tasty to eat. Try the Şaşlık; it’s one of the best meat skewers on the menu.

Even though this restaurant is casual, it’s best to make reservations because it’s a popular spot.

Ally’s Restaurant

Ally’s Restaurant serves delicious Turkish food, though it’s specifically known for its fresh seafood dishes. Nearly every dish has gotten rave reviews, so regardless of what you choose to eat, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal.

The outside eating area is lovely, with bright purple flowers that crawl up the building. You can find it located in the back streets of Kas, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a meal between strolling on the cobblestone streets.

Pell’s – Turkish Breakfast

Pell’s is a delightful restaurant that offers large breakfast spreads, including housemade jams and butter. They moved their restaurant from Istanbul to Kas and is open during the high season. The Turkish breakfast includes meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, etc.

Multiple customers claim that Pell’s has the best Turkish coffee around. Sip on your coffee as you enjoy a shaded seat in the brightly-colored outdoor dining area.

Mavi Bar

As you reach Mavi Bar, you’ll be greeted by rainbow chairs in the outside seating area. This bar has been in Kas for about 30 years, providing a spot for locals to hang out and chat.

Be prepared to spend around 3 hours here sipping on drinks and watching the marina. The bar hosts musicians to play for the lively crowd in the evenings.

Cakir Meyhane

This beach restaurant offers delicious fresh seafood options in Kas, Turkey. Live music playing at this location makes it a great spot to enjoy a laid-back meal.

Cakir Meyhane sits right alongside the water, offering stunning views. Try the fish and chips; it’s one of their top menu items.

coastal beach town kas

Final Thoughts on Kas, Turkey

Ultimately, while Kas is well-known for its gorgeous beaches, this charming coastal town has much more to offer. From a colorful, aromatic bazaar to unique half-submerged ancient ruins, Kas proves to be a stunning destination with a rich history. As you make your way through the small villages around Kas, you’ll see just what this area offers.

Also, if you’re planning on visiting other coastal towns like Fethiye or Bodrum – or heading to Ephesus in Turkey? Check out our Aegean Travel Guide. 

Some links on this page are affiliate links—that means that at no extra cost to you, we earn a small commission if you book through these links, and that helps keep this blog running.

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